Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick & Easy Painted Projects!

I've been so inspired lately with Chalk Paint - decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Considering I sell it in the shop I work in I suppose it's no surprise! It's just so fun and easy! You can completely change the look of a piece in a matter of an afternoon! I love doing smaller projects because the change is almost immediate and you're done in an hour or two at most.  I've been working on the following projects for the last few weeks; playing around with colours, textures and techniques. I love this paint!

So here they are, little decorative items that got a facelift, a makeover, a new life - oftentimes because I had leftover paint from another project that I simply had to use up and it was the first surface my eyes lighted upon! ;-)

Cast Iron Candelabra:

I've had this candelabra for a few years, it was one of the first decor items I purchased for myself when I got my first apartment in the city. This thing could be a weapon! It weighs a TON! Dawn, in the Drawing Room, with the Cast Iron Candelabra! CLUE! 
 It looks so fresh and pretty now with a dry-brushed coat of Pure White Chalk Paint. I intentionally left the brown iron finish showing in certain areas to highlight the relief of the design. A light coat of Clear Wax was applied to protect it and voila! New life!

Pretty Painted Keepsake Boxes:

When I was younger I was really into exotic Indian and Middle Eastern designs - lots of dark carved wood, Celtic symbols and mandalas... Well, I still love those designs, I just prefer the wood be painted instead of stained! These pretty keepsake boxes (complete with hinges and hand carved motifs) fell prey to my "Paint It White" phase (which I may still be suffering from actually...).

Keepsake Box Before
Keepsake Box After one coat of Cream Chalk Paint
This box was my first encounter of what is called "Bleed-Through" with Chalk Paint. Due to the porous nature of Chalk Paint, it can sometimes pull up the tannins in the wood - especially if a lower quality stain was used on the wood. No matter how many coats of Chalk Paint you apply, a brownish, yellowish or pinkish stain will continuously "bleed-through" the paint up onto the surface. Well, this is what happened with this box. A cheaper stain must have been used over in India when this was made; a pinkish stain kept coming up through to the surface. I didn't mind though, it allowed me to use Shellac for the first time and really see how it seals and essentially blocks off the stain from coming up through the paint. Typically two coats are needed but one seemed to be sufficient. There's always a solution with Chalk Paint! :-)

Smaller Keepsake Box Before
My new Keepsake Box in an Etsy photoshoot.
I had another keepsake box that I worked on at the same time as the larger one, luckily this one seemed to have been made differently (and better) because there was no bleed-through at all. I painted it Cream like the larger one, but I played with Dark Wax over a coat of Clear Wax. I love the rustic antiqued affect it gives!

Large & Small Keepsake Boxes

So romantic and so much more in keeping with my current style!
Beautiful Birdie Dishes:

I seem to have a thing for birds... and a thing for cast iron... because I have a little collection of cast iron bird dishes and mini birdbaths. They look sooooo good painted in pastel Chalk Paint colours.

Classic in Old White
A custom mix of 1/4 Olive and 3/4 Old White
Scandinavian Pink with a dash of Pure White to lighten it up.
I have so much more to show but I think I'll save them for another post! I hope you've enjoyed these little projects and I hope they've inspired you to give Chalk Paint a try! It truly is a miracle paint! So fun, so fast, so easy!

PS: Be sure to check out our Etsy Shoppe - more pretties are being added each week!

Until next time!

Love from,

The Gal at The Clever Cottage!


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  1. You did a really excellent job on all of these projects, Dawn! Congratulations!